Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 2

Table of Contents

Climate Change – Impact On The Sundarbans, A Case Study
Kanksha Mahadevia and Mayank Vikas

Climate Change And Dengue Fever Diseases: Any Association?
Haliza Abdul Rahman

Housing Vulnerability In The Caribbean Region: A Socio- Cultural And Technological Approach
Claudio Varini

Ex-situ Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) techniques and decomposition analysis for the reduction of CO2 emission in the eco-industrial parks
Seok Jung, Li Pang Wang, Gjergj Dodbiba, Kyoung-Jin An, Toyohisa Fujita

Analysis Of Climate And Drought Conditions In The Fedral Region Of Kurdistan
Mohammed Azeez Saeed

Human Response to the Effects of Urban Climate Changes in Kinta Valley, Malaysia: Special References to Ipoh City, Perak
Mohd Hairy Ibrahim, Marzita Puteh, Mazlini Adnan, Che Nidzam Che’Ahmad, Noraini Mohamed Noh

Current Scenario of Green Supply Chain and logistics Management practices in the Indian Industries: A survey study
Prof. Sarbjit Singh, Dr B. R. Ambedkar