Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 4, Issue 2

Table of Contents

The Influences of the Physical Parameters on the Performance of a Methanol Steam Reformer
Yu-Jen Chiu, Yu-Cheng Lin, Guo-Jhen Syu

Experimental investigation of mechanical and thermal properties of a new biosourced insulation material
Rassim Belakroum, Abdelhafid Gherfia, Ton Hoang Mai, Chadi. Maalouf, Youcef Kerboua, Mahfoud Kadja, Brice Mboumba-Mamboudou, Michèle T’kint

Snow Cover in Northern Kazakhstan in Terms of Regional Climate Change
Vitaly Salnikov, Galina Turulina, Svetlana Polyakova, Tamara Tazhibaeva, Aizhan Skakova

Experimental Validation of the Dynamic Simulation of the Performance of a Flat Plate Solar Collector in a Thermosyhon Water Heating System Using TRNSYS
Z.S Johnson, G.Y Pam, E.J Bala

Hazardous Hydrometeorological Events in Georgia under Global Climate Change Conditions
Marika Tatishvili

Design of Experiments for determining the parameters affecting the behavior of the modified wheat straw adsorbent
Kalliopi Chatzizaharia, Sofia Papadaki, Christina Tsiodra, Dimitrios Economides, Dimitrios Sidiras, Dimitrios Hatziavramidis

Cost and Performance Comparative Model of Dust Mitigation Technologies for Solar PV in Saudi Arabia
Samar Alqatari, Anas Alfaris, Olivier L. de Weck

Experimental Investigation of Impingement Heat Transfer on a Smooth and Helical Shaped Ribs Plate
Mehmet Eren, Sinan Caliskan

Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Channel with New Longitudinal Vortex Generators
Sinan Caliskan, Mehmet Eren

Application of risk analysis to improve environmental sustainability of forest yards in wood-energy chain
Matteo Bo, Marina Clerico, Federica Pognant

Enhancement of waste heat recovery by using Cu nanoparticles in cement industries
N.A. Madlool, Ali Amer A. Hadi