Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 5, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Thunderstorm and hail processes over Georgian territory against global climate change background
Marika Tatishvili

Development of a National Standard for a Biogas Grid in Thailand
James Moran, Sirichai Koonphapdeelert, Asira Bunkham, Watchapon Rojanaratanangkule, Prik Aggarangsi

Production and Uses of Ulva armoricana: The South African Perspective
Amosu A.O, Maneveldt G. W. , Robertson-Andersson D.V.

Enhancement Energy Saving and CO2 Emissions Reducing through PV Systems
M. R. Behiri, Hesham El-Batsh, W. Abdelaziz, Hegazy Rezk

River Global Hydroelectric Power Evaluation
L. Thuilot, C. Bonnevie, N. Nomede, A. Berhault, B. Roy, F. Cordier

Improving enzymatic hydrolysis of hazelnut shells by alkaline peroxide (APO) pretreatment
Emir Zafer Hoşgün, Berrin Bozan

An Adaptive Sliding Mode Controller Design for DFIG based Wind Turbine System on LabVIEW

Experimental and Numerical Prediction of Flow Field around a Panel Radiator
Tamer Calisir, Senol Baskaya, Hakan Onur Yazar, Sinan Yucedag

Evaluation of Climate Forecast System Reanalysis and local weather station data as input for run-of-river hydropower assessment in Agusan River Basin, Philippines
Jodel L. Cuasay, Greyland C. Agno, Dindo Karl Mari A. Malonzo, Rowane May A. Fesalbon, Loureal Camille V. Inocencio, Ma. Rosario Concepcion O. Ang

Lignocellulose degrading enzyme production from Irpex lacteus and Fusarium solani
Brigita Dalecka, Linda Mezule

Geospatial techniques for detection of vulnerable areas to contamination at Damietta coast, Nile Delta, Egypt
Ahmed El-Zeiny, Abd-Alla Gad, Maie El-Gammal, Mahmoud Salem

The Significance of Control and Auditing in the Windpower Plant Relevant Engineering Projects and Controlling Purposed Positional and Geometric Measurement Services
Eray CAN, Hikmet ERBIYIK, Mehmet Selçuk MERT