Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 5, Issue 2

Table of Contents

Autonomous Solar Power Plant for Household Applications
Md. Hazrat Ali, N. Mir-Nasiri

An Investigation of the effect of the dust on PV efficiency: A Case Study for Afyonkarahisar region

Conversion of waste agricultural biomass into furfural and HMF using AlCl3 catalyst
Emir Zafer Hoşgün, Berrin Bozan

Comparison of the experimental performance of an automotive heat pump system using HFO1234yf and HFC134a
Murat Hosoz, Mukhamad Suhermanto, Mumin Celil Aral

Building The Brazilian Smart Grid with Photovoltaic Systems: Project “51 Rooftops”
Conception, design, implementation and expansion.

Getúlio Antero de Deus Júnior, Ricardo Henrique Fonseca Alves, Flávio Henrique Teles Vieira, Marcelo Stehling de Castro, Rodrigo Pinto Lemos, Sérgio Granato de Araújo, Rafael Nielson

Synthesis of Trimethyl Borate from Barium Perborate with Nitric Acid as Leaching Agent
Jui-Yen Lin, Yao-Hui Huang

The Impact Of Access To Renewable Energy Technologies On Economic Development Of Remote Rural Areas In Developing Countries
A Case Study Approach.

Ivan Manyonga

Environmental justice: its challenges.
Noor Farihah Mohd Noor

Combustion Characteristics of Rice Straw
Calorific Valve of Rice Straw

Khageshwar Singh Patel, Pravin Kumar Sahu

Drivers of Alternative Fuels Acceptance: The Example of Liquefied Natural Gas
Sarah Pfoser, Oliver Schauer, Yasel Costa

Investigating impact of climate change scenarios on semi-arid watershed runoff
Kiyoumars Roushangar, Farhad Alizadeh

Reuse of High-phosphorous Iron ore mineral wastes as an adsorbent of sulfate
Bahareh Sadeghalvad, Amirreza Azadmehr, Ardeshir Hezarkhani