Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 5, Issue 3

Table of Contents

Common Pool Resources Of Lake Takapan
Environment degradation, institution, and solution

Riban Satia, Yuli Isnadi, Nunuk Dwi Retnandari

Estimation of Rice Hull Energy Potential using Landsat-Derived Agricultural Maps in Camarines Sur, Philippines
Klathea H. Sevilla, Marjorie V. Remolador, Imee A. Saladaga, Bryan M. Baltazar, Loureal Camille V. Inocencio, Ma. Rosario Concepcion O. Ang

Effect of Pretreatment Techniques on the Catalytic Conversion of Hazelnut Shells into Chemicals Using FeCl3 Catalyst
Emir Zafer Hoşgün, Berrin Bozan, Selin Urey

Properties of Briquette from Agricultural Waste available in Brunei Darussalam and its Environmental Impact
M.G. Yazdani, M.H. Haji Mohamed Ali

Two-Staged Wet Anaerobic Digestion of Landfill Leachate and Organic Waste: The Effect of Organic Waste Type on Biogas Production
Kadri Süleyman YİĞİT, Özgür KAPLAN

Sodium hydroxide pretreatment of sunflower stalks for enzymatic hydrolysis
Onur Yıldız*, Emir Zafer Hoşgün, Berrin Bozan

Optimization design in Wind Turbine Blade Based on Wind Characteristics
Yuqiao Zheng, Yongyong Cao, Rongzhen Zhao

Effect of sequential hydrothermal and alkaline solution pretreatments on enzymatic hydrolysis of hazelnut shells
Emir Zafer Hoşgün, Suzan Biran Ay, Berrin Bozan

Underground and Semi Underground Passive Cooling Strategies in Hot Climate of Iran
Fereshteh Beigli, Seyed jamal aldin Hosseini, Ruggero Lenci