Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 6, Issue 1

Table of Contents

Local disturbances and wind field distribution modeling in Georgia
Marika Tatishvili, Inga Samkharadze

Estimating the Mass Mean Diameter of Droplets in a Combustible Mixture
James Moran, Radom Pongvuthithum, Tanakarn Sankui

Efficiency comparison of different techniques for drying coal
María Bernarda Alvarado Bawab, Farid Chejne Janna

Comparison property geometry, electron charge and vibrational
Of Heterocyclic's hydantoin and thiohydantoin with statistic

Lazhar Bouchlaleg

Thermal Performance of Solar Facade Concepts Applying Selective and Transparent Insulation Functions: Preliminary Experimental Study
Miroslav Čekon, Richard Slávik

Diffusion of Mitigation Technologies in Kazakhstan Analysis of Barriers for Small Hydro Promotion
Sergey Inyutin, Gulzhamal Japarova, Lyubov Inyutina, Anel Aitzhanova

Bioethanol Production from Waste Office Paper
R. Maceiras, V. Alfonsín, J.E. Poole

Implementation of renewable energy systems on sailboats for auxiliary energy systems
R. Maceiras, V. Alfonsin, J.M. Núñez, E. Golmayo