Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 6, Issue 2

Table of Contents

Macroalgae for bio-crude production
Leticia Pérez, Iago Blanco, Jose Luis Salgueiro, Ángeles Cancela, Ángel Sánchez

Energy recovery from algal waste
Jose Luis Salgueiro, Antonio Larramendi, Ángeles Cancela, Ángel Sánchez, Leticia Pérez

Numerical analysis and design optimization of multi-coil units for latent heat cold storage applications
J. Hastanin, L. Salvador

Courtyard Building a thermal and daylight regulator in hot and arid regions.
A case study

Marouane Samir Guedouh, Noureddine Zemmouri, Abdelhalim Assassi

Daylight Efficiency Prediction of Courtyard vs. Conventional Building Models
Using Simulation Tool under Specific Climate Conditions

Guedouh Marouane Samir, Zemmouri Noureddine, Assassi Abdelhalim

Exhaust Emission Characteristics of Waste Frying Oil – Diesel Fuel Blends in a CRDI Diesel Engine
Huseyin Sanli, Ertan Alptekin

Developing the permanent international competitive advantage of a sector in new industry – case of photovoltaic modules production in Germany

Investigation on village greenery's windproof effect in severe cold regions of China
Hong Jin, Teng Shao, Meng Ma