Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 3

Table of Contents

Energy Transformation in Clouds According Quantum Principles
Marika Tatishvili

Climate change assessment in Georgia
Marika Tatishvili, Elizbar Elizbarashvili, Ramaz Meskhia, Shalva Elizbarashvili

Production of Bio-Diesel from Pongmia Pinnata and Guizotia Abyssinica Seed Oil Using Crystalline Manganese Carbonate (Mnco3) and Nano Zinc Oxide (Zno) – A Green Catalysts
M.Aruna Kumari,K.S.K.Rao Patnaik and Y.Rajeshwer Rao

Renewable Energy Scenario for Egypt
M.N.H. Comsan

Promising Areas For The Use Of Wind Power in Egypt
A. A. El-Haroun

Dynamic Series Compensation and DC circuits for the Reinforcement of Network Connections with High Wind Penetration
JC Nambo-Martinez, Kamila Nieradzinska, Olimpo Anaya-Lara

Jet Impingement Cooling of a Rectangular Solid Heat Source Immersed in a Porous Layer
Nawaf H. Saeid and Azlina Diyanah Hamid

Parallel Nutrient Removal and Biogas Production by Chlorella Vulgaris Cultures
Ozgul Calicioglu and Goksel N. Demirer

Parallel Nutrient Removal and Biomitigation of CO2 by Pure (Chlorella vulgaris) and Mixed Algal Cultures
Burak Cakirlar, Gece C. Ogut, Tuba H. Erguder, Baris Kaymak, Goksel N. Demirer, Sibel Uludag-Demirer

Implementation of IQ Software Pack in Wastewater Treatment Plant
Marius Petrescu, Casen Panaitescu, Rodica Bucuroiu

The Feasibility of Applying Micro-hydroelectric Power Technology in Building Water Supply Pipes
Chih-Yuan Chang, Sy-Ren Huang, Yen-Huai Ma, Yin-Song Hsu, Yao-Hua Liu

Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue by Innovative BiVO4/TiO2 Composite Films under Visible Light Irradiation
Kanlaya Pingmuang, Jun Chen, Andrew Nattestad, Wiyong Kangwansupamonkon, Sukon Phanichphant

Wind power integration into the Northern Interconnected Power System of Chile
Darío Lafferte

Assessment of climate change impact on hydrological processes based on statistical approaches
Y. Lu, X. S. Qin

Modelling and Estimation of the Hourly Flow Rate of a Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Using Polynomial Regression Method: Experimental Validation
S. Haddad, A. Mellit, M. Benghanem, K.O. Dafallah

Investigating dark fermentative hydrogen production from sucrose and molasses 16 The effects of initial VSS, COD and pH
Ekin Güneş Tunçaya, Tuba Hande Ergüdera, İnci Eroğlub, Ufuk Gündüzc

Determination of Optimum Parameters for Walls with Phase Change Materials
Alptug Yataganbaba, Irfan Kurtbas

The importance of new technologies in sustainable public transportation: a review for potential application of hybrid vehicle use in Turkey and a cost-benefit analysis
S. Erbas, H. Handan Demir, U. Alyuz, G.Demir

Evaluation of Exhaust Pollutants in Iskenderpasa Underground Parking Garage
Goksel Demir, Ummugulsum Alyuz, Mustafa Firat

Numerical Study the Performance of Solar Chimney Power Plant in Different Regions of Algeria
Samir Djimli and Abla Chaker

Effect of the Mini Perforated Resistance on Heat Transfer and Pressure Loss
Irfan Kurtbas, Alptug Yataganbaba, Mehmet Sener

Fe3O4/SiO2/CeO2 Core-Shell Magnetic Nanoparticles as Photocatalyst
Duangdao Channei, Burapat Inceesungvorn, Natda Wetchakun, Sukon Phanichphant

Utilisation Options for Waste Toner Powder
Dilyana Yordanova, Svetla Angelova, Ivan Dombalov

Online Monitoring of Energy Consumption and Remote Operation of Switches
Anusha Pillay, Leena Jeslin J K, Roshan P Shajan

Comparative assessment of awareness on issues pertaining to sustainability in institutions of higher education
Shaila Bantanur, Mahua Mukherjee, R. Shankar

Efficacy of native arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in promoting growth of Albizia saman in coal mine spoil-bank: a prospect in restoring mined tropical forest, Indonesia
Dewi Wulandari, Weigo Cheng, Cahyono Agus, Keitaro Tawaraya, Saridi

Wind data analysis and wind energy potential in Italy
Ubaldo Ayr

Implementing the GEOPEAK Project in Greece towards the achievement of Europe 20-20-20 targets: Development and Evaluation of a Geothermal Heat Pump of High Efficiency
M. Gr. Vrachopoulos, M. K. Koukou, N. Tachos, S. Kalognomos, A. Adamidis, F. Lavrenti, J. Pappas, P. Xygogianni, C. Karytsas

Lipid peroxidation and enzymatic activity levels in Corbicula fluminalis from two sites of Shatt Al-Arab
Rafid M. Karim, Mustafa N. Al-Darraji

Obtaining of the drying rate of Alpeorujo for application on rotary dryers
Francisco J. Gómez-de la Cruz, Pedro J. Casanova-Peláez, José M. Palomar-Carnicero, Sebastián Sánchez, Rafael Pacheco, Fernando Cruz-Peragón

Estimation of Biodiesel Properties from Chemical Composition – An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Approach
M. I. Jahirul, W. Senadeera, R. J. Brown and L. Moghaddam

New Approaches to Classifiation of Atmosphere Air as a Natural and Environmental Resource
B. М. Kholmatjonov, Yu.V. Petrov, H. Т. Egamberdiev

Modified Sol-gel/Impregnation Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Ag-loaded Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Application
Hathaithip Ninsonti, Weerasak Chomkitichai, Natda Wetchakun, Akira Baba, Kazunari Shinbo, Keizo Kato, Futao Kaneko, Sukon Phanichphant

Effect of using greenhouses instead of balconies on energy conservation in buildings
Abdulrahim Rizaee and Behrooz Mohammad Kari

Evaluation of a Pilot-Scale Oil Extraction from Microalgae for Biodiesel Production
Muhammad Aminul Islam, Richard Brown, Ashley Dowell, Wilhelm Eickhoff, Kirsten Heimann, Nicolas von Alvensleben, Peter Brookes

The influence of blending process on the quality of rapeseed oil-used cooking oil biodiesels
Jabbar Gardy, Ali Hassanpoura, Xiaojun Laia, Adrian Cunliffeb, Mohammad Rehana