Journal of Environmental Science
Vol. 4, Issue 1

Table of Contents

A Novel Control Scheme for Pitch Regulated Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Amr Abdel Kader, Amir Abdelmawla

CITYOPT – Holistic Simulation and Optimisation of Energy in Smart Cities – Vienna Study Case
N. Pardo, F. Nadler, C. Margueritte, B. Kelly

Continuous production of high-value products, biodiesel and biogas from microalgae cultivated with livestock waste compost: A feasible study
Liandong Zhu, Erkki Hiltunen, Zhaohua Li

Feng-shui as a Clue: Identifying the Landform Patterns of Impact Zones from the 2013 Historic Mountain Floods in Boulder and Nearby Areas, Colorado, USA
Ping Xu

The performance evaluation of a new model which based on bright sunshine hours and satellite imagery, for the estimation of daily global solar radiation for two locations in Turkey

TiO2 / ZnO Photocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Production
Meshal S.Al-Johani, Yousef S.Al-Zaghayer, Sulaiman I.Al-Mayman

Polygeneration and Sustainable Energy System Development Challenges and opportunities from optimization viewpoints
Aiying Rong, Risto Lahdelma

Wind Farm Optimization based on CFD Simulation of Non-Flat Terrain
A.Bonanni, T.Banyai, Mehrdad Raisee, Dinesh Kumar, J.VanBeeck, H.Deconinck, C.Lacor

Comparison of Biomass Energy Conversion Systems
Mario Amelio, Pietropaolo Morrone, Emanuele Piraino

The challenges in achieving biodiesel target of renewable energy policy in Thailand
Adisorn Ratchaniphont, Sangdao Wongsai and Jutaporn Keson